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Extended until 28 February 
BRUCODA Christmas Art Fair


We are a group united by a special passion for Arts; we come from eight countries and live or have been living temporarily in Brussels. Each of us uses both his style and favorite artistic tool, and promotes in this way the cooperation between diplomatic artists, including Belgian friends.

Christmas Art Fair 2020”

comes after months of restrictions and even lockdown when everyone is anxious to recover “Liberty”!

Maria Teresa Duran Warnimont, Pompiliu Constantinescu, Anne-Marie v. Puttkamer, Olga Savelieva, Doina Popescu,  Patricia Ruiz Perea, Dominique de Pierpont, Ariel Sgarbi, Rita Ansone, Ioana Belțic Piassoni, Claus Siebeneicher
Now open
Now open

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Exhibition Catalog (PDF, 96 pages )


Recording of the opening 9th December 2020